Sunday, April 15, 2012

From the heart.

This post, being my final required one for the class project, I wanted to talk about a personal matter. Co habitation is on the rise, according to my soc. book. Some frown on this, thinking that this is teaching our kids non traditional values, and maybe it is. Well, me and my new fiancé have been pretty much cohabitating with our 7 mo old son Abel, and we are doing our best to provide for him. He does not go without anything he needs, and as long as my fiancé are together showing a good healthy relationship, where both parents are working hard for him, then what does it matter? Both of us are in school, we are working, I am actually probably going to be working two this summer. I love my son and my family. That is what matters. Not whether we are a married family.


Earlier in this blog, I made a post showing a trailer on a movie that showed what could happen if immigrants disappeared. This here is a south park compilation showing what the main argument is against immigration, legal or not.

World population

Should we as a society be concerned with our world's exponential growth? Personally I think so. We are running out of resources as it is and we continue to multiply in population. Check out this link. It will open up your eyes.

Country music and suicide

I was reading and stumbled upon a blog that showed that of all music genres country has the highest correlation with suicide. (anyone heard of the phrase tear in the beer?). Well I am a country fan, and I can believe it. Even our soc. book mentions it. My favorite artist of all time is Alan Jackson. Who is yours and do you believe these statements? Remember,correlation does not mean causation.

The graying of the world, not just America.

This video is in German, and forgive another apple joke, but this shows the technology gap between the elderly and young. Just watch it. It's freaking hilarious.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Please tell me you will get the joke when you see the picture. The apple phenomena has created the perfect example of consumerism. It's a picture of an iPhone on an iPad taken by an iPhone. Go see the movie inception if you are still clueless.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

One thing Karl Marx did not take into account....

On the note of socialism, Karl Marx was the one who essentially founded the idea. Socialism by definition states that it is an economic system where resources and production are owned collectively by the citizens. I have not read the works of him, but to me it seems that Marx forgot one crucial thing in creating the concept: Human Nature. True Socialism would only work in an ideal environment where no one was selfish and everyone had ideal characteristics. Thoughts?