Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Immigration from Mexico to the U.S.

Almost all immigration from Mexico to the U.S. is voluntary, legal or not. The people want to come here for various reasons, from employment opportunities or to simply try to live a better life here. But one film poses the question, "What would happen if the immigrants never came or they disappeared?". This is a clip from the movie "A day Without a Mexican" to show how the immigrants play an important function in our society.


  1. Think what you want, I've been to central Mexico and will never judge anyone who feels a need to get themselves and their families out of that hell hole. I have also worked my whole life with men and woman who I don't know if they are legal or not, but in all they want to live and work and take care of their families. I don't begrudge anyone that right.

  2. Hey everyone unfortunately this html will not turn into a hyperlink, so just copy & paste into your browser to see the trailer.